Who we are

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The Company


With over 40 years in the market, our company is recognized as a leader in the manufacture and sale of paper bags in Central America, with innovative ideas, quality products and competitive prices.

Our Vision


Being the leader in the American market, keeping us at the forefront in developing processes multilayer paper bags by applying modern methods, according to the constantly changing globalized world.

Our Mision


To provide our customers reliable products and services within a framework of respect for society and the environment.


Leaders in Central America


Fast delivery and our willingness to work

We have a team of 40 people and more than 60 active clients, national and international, we are a 100% Honduran capital, which has always believed and invested in the country. It confirms our plant of 4,000 meters, equipped with the latest technology available in the world today. Our current production capacity amounts to 330,000 bags per day, which is the same as 120 million bags annually.


Always looking for a benefit to our customers.

We are one of the first sustanianle companies in the country, since 2005, we have been certified under ISO 9001 environmental care.


Our efforts are aimed at:

Meeting the needs of our customers by offering the highest quality and best service.

To contribute to the socio-economic development of our country by creating new jobs.

Committed to our employees in giving back their efforts in providing protection benefits easily quantified.

Our Values


Social responsibility

We respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote safety, occupational health and human and professional development of our people, We care about the environment by minimizing the generation of waste and more efficient use of energy and natural resources, Strictly comply with laws, regulations, rules and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments.



Continuously train and motivate our people, to provide the best service and the highest quality and we are proud of harmony, warmth, respect and sense of belonging that exists in our organization.


Suitability and transparency

Ethics, transparency, trust, respect, quality, environmental care and use of the finest raw materials, are some of the reasons why our customers are with us from their first day.


Customer commitment

We know well that our jobs, wages and benefits come from our customers and to them we dedicate our global commitment. These customers have the option to purchase from other suppliers, so it is an honor for us that we choose. The customer needs are simple.